Saturday, November 9, 2013

This is so exciting! Dozens of people have been telling me that they've been checking my blog for new posts, and are disappointed not to see any! Ok, well, maybe not exactly dozens.  How about TWO, to be exact. So, for those TWO, here is my new post:

It's pretty sad, really, but the other day I commented to Tim (my husband of 31 years) that I've already lost interest in blogging. Surprised? Not me. See, I am a starter. I like to start projects. I like to dream up ideas and start them, but I am not so fond of completing them. Oh, I do. I do eventually complete some of them.... but many I am just content to start.

Like blogging. I was all excited about starting a blog. You'll notice that lovely little verb, starting. And so now that I've officially started a blog, I am not sure how good I'll be about continuing to blog.

If it doesn't take too much planning and forethought, I will continue to blog. And I am going to try to post at least once a week.

Is there a saint for Persevering? I think I need to research that. I could use his/her help.

Change of subject: I am a little worried about the robin I am still seeing around the house. He doesn't actually come to the feeders and eat, but he's been hanging out near the deck. Shouldn't he have flown south already? He hasn't come close enough for a picture, but I swear! There's still a robin in my yard!

I'll leave you with a few photos of some of the crafts I had on display at today's craft show. It was a slow show, but a good time to hang out with my mother.

Blessings to you!