Friday, October 10, 2014

A Craving for Chocolate

I had a bit of a craving for chocolate yesterday. Well, I have a bit of a craving for chocolate pretty much every day. Ok, at least I'm honest....

Anyway, for some reason I thought of the yummy cake-like chocolate cookies with chocolate frosting that our local bakery used to make. They still make them, but since the bakery was taken over by the daughter, well, the chocolate frosted chocolate cookies just haven't been as good. They tend to be dry... not to my liking.

So, I decided to search the Internet - and found a recipe by Betty Crocker (you can't go wrong with Betty Crocker!!) that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for! 

The ingredient list is pretty basic - I had everything in stock in my own kitchen. That's a good start, right? I went ahead and whipped up the cookies and let me tell you, they are oh so delicious! I will definitely make this recipe again, but with one minor alteration: I would use a smaller scoop to make smaller cookies.

I've got everything ready to go. I made sure I had all the ingredients on hand before I began, just like I learned in 7th grade home economics class. Mrs. Nelson would be so proud of me!

The recipe doesn't make a huge batch, so it all fit nicely in my mixing bowl with no overflow.... I've found this is NOT always the case. :)

The first four cookies are on the sheet. The recipe says to use a quarter cup scoop, to make JUMBO cookies, so that's what I did. They are huge! TIP: Next time I will use a standard cookie scoop, which equals a rounded tablespoon. And although this recipe says it makes 30 jumbo cookies, I only got 14 out of the batch. Oops, Betty Crocker! I think that might have been a typo! 

The first four cookies just out of the oven. Don't they look tasty?

I had some issues with the frosting - it's a "cooked" frosting. I melted the butter and chocolate as specified, then added hot water and confectioner's sugar, but didn't realize that I needed to spread the frosting while it was still hot. Needless to say, it didn't spread well at all. I finally got smart and reheated what I had left... and frosted the last four cookies. Oh, so much more successful! 

 Properly frosted cookies... oh my goodness! They taste every bit as good as they look!
Want to make these cookies? Here's the link to the recipe:


  1. They look delicious. I might have to try them, but I think I have a recipe so I may go that route instead of Betty Crocker. And, if I have a birthday cake I usually make myself a white one with boiled chocolate frosting. I used to love that cake when my Mom made it. And no cake mixes. I think it was a cream cake. Now since we have a diabetic in the family I quit baking so much goodies. Only at Christmas and for the church bake sale do I indulge us. Otherwise, it is too tempting for hubby! Now I am hungry too! LOL

    1. Ah, Verna, I understand about the over-indulging! I like to bake and give away, or freeze it... and then just take out a little at a time. And I agree - no cake mixes! I much prefer to bake from scratch. Thanks for commenting. Good to hear from you!