Monday, January 2, 2017

My friend Verna,, is downright religious about posting pictures of her beautiful handcrafted cards on a daily basis.

I, on the other hand, started a blog and then soon dispensed with it, as the novelty wore off quickly. 

I'm told, by doctors, that I am Bi-polar AND ADHD, so that might explain my tendency to start projects (exciting!) and then quickly abandon them. Maintenance is so boooooorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggg. Ho Hum. 

Oh well. 

Here's my first card for 2017. I made four of them for a(nother) friend who is also my boss at a local restaurant, where I work as a waitress. The large "thanks" is cut with my Cricut Explore and the word art was drawn with my Cricut Explore. (I don't use the machine a whole lot, but I sure do like it!) The dots were stamped with distress ink using a Hero Arts rubber stamp. I ran a strip of washi tape above the dots. A simple card, but rather fun, I think. Today I will deliver the set of four to Jake and he can get his thank you notes written. 

Happy New Year! I hope it's a blessed year for you!



  1. I love your card with the cool brown tones and using the Cricut to add the sentiment over the top is genius too. I am so glad you have started to post on your blog again. I sure missed your little projects and writings. Doing my blog and posting my cards is one of my little pleasures but then I don't get out much anymore so that could be why I post more often. I hope you can keep at it. I love to see your ideas and projects. I am trying to master more of the art of foiling as I got a laminator and some pre-printed sheets for Christmas. I had fun with that yesterday.

  2. Verna, you should send me a link to some sort of tutorial about the foil and laminating. I have a heat laminator.... but not familiar with using the foil. Thanks!