Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Challenge is ON!

So, a friend and I got together yesterday and worked out. It was fun. Well, so, I am pretending it was fun. I can work out with the best of them, but I haven't done any working out for quite some time, so it was really a chore. Twenty minutes of learning the moves for the video and I was done. I mean, what? That wasn't actually the workout? Are you kidding me?

However, as of right now I am committed to this plan to eat well and exercise and lose some weight. And my friend and I have a challenge going on! Who can reach their goal first? She needs to lose FIVE pounds and I need to lose 105


She's 30 years younger than me and has two small children. She really doesn't need to lose any weight at all, but I would concede that she might benefit from some toning. I mean, who wouldn't, after two babies?

But anyway. We are going to work on this as buddies. I suppose I can help her maintain - and continue to tone - after she losings that whoppin' five pounds. In the meantime, she is determined to help me reach my goal. So maybe it will be a win-win situation for the both of us. 

After polishing off eight Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookies on Thursday, I got rid of the last two in the package yesterday. And by got rid of, I mean I ate them. No sense allowing good food to go to waste! There are starving people in Africa, you know. (Sigh.)

But other than those - oh, and the piece of cake I had a work last night - other than those three things, I ate really well yesterday. Now I realize that to those who actually eat well and don't love sweets the way I do, two cookies AND a piece of cake, all in one day, seems a bit excessive. But for me it was actually less than the junk I would normally consume, so it was a successful day.

I do not intend to continue to eat two cookies and a piece of cake every day, though. I am going to get better at this. Baby steps.

I'm going to call my friend Suzi, 'cuz I think she would not like for everyone to know who she is. Suzi and I are going to get together once a week and compare notes: How well we did with exercise and eating and we are going to work out together once a week. I like this idea. Someone to help hold me accountable. 

Of course, living with ADHD makes this difficult for me. The excitement will wear off rather quickly and I'll be bored. In fact, I am already bored with the exercise part. Oh, and the eating right part, too. But the adage with ADHD is to "Just Do It." So I am going to do it. 

Here we go.....


  1. Well, you are off to a good start and hopefully, you can keep at it and improve. Best of luck to you and you know, maybe posting the results every week might keep you motivated in the right direction.

  2. I have set a goal for myself of exercising 3 times a week, I usually exercise once a week and somehow I feel that's pretty good. Something always gets in the way of those extra two days I want to work out. Whether it be taking care of my grandson one day or the weather right now ( it is cold outside you know) something always seems to get in the way. It would be nice to have someone to go and workout with but my best friend moved away a year and a half ago so I can use that excuse. At age 60 now it is important that I keep up with doing something but it is so easy to procrastinate so easy to put it off until tomorrow. I have lived here for many years but have really never made real close friends and as I said my best friend moved away so now it is even easier to put things off. She was always the one to help give me that little extra push to get going on my projects that were on that paper we all write up, that list we all make. I seem to get one written up on a weekly basis what I want to get accomplished that week but by the end of the week I am lucky if one or two of those things are crossed off of that list. Sometimes by the end of the week that list is even lost just so I am not reminded how much I did not get accomplished. One day I hope that I can make a list that I will actually find by the end of the week and can cross off all the items I written on it, that would be quite an accomplishment. ��

  3. Hi Rita! I too find that I make lists and don't get the items on the list accomplished. I am trying to schedule my days a bit differently, based on something I read at ADDitude Magazine. I am setting aside each weekday for a specific task. Today was the first day of this schedule and it went well. My list is set up like this: Mondays: Purge/Clean. Tuesdays: Card Making. Wednesdays: Framing. Thursdays: Sewing. Fridays: Other Crafts. We'll see if it works for me. I plan to do a blog about it in the not so distant future. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Oh I know Terri, life seems to be so hard when you find yourself eating a SALAD! But when your done with that salad, you have the right to reward yourself. Maybe with a piece of cake. (;