Monday, August 27, 2018

Sitting Still

I have a hard time sitting still. I always have. I remember being a little girl, in kindergarten in Wilmot, with Mrs. Christianson, who was such a nice lady. Every afternoon we all had to lie down on our mats on the floor, and lie quietly and still for hours and hours. Ok, well, maybe it wasn’t hours and hours, but it sure seemed like it to me. Seriously. It was the most painstaking part of the day, the only part of the day I didn’t enjoy. While the other kids laid still and silent and earned gold stars, I squirmed and talked to my neighbors. “Terri, you need to lie still.” “Terri, please don’t disturb your neighbor.” I heard that all the time. And not once, not ONCE, did I earn a gold star. This is very disturbing when you are in kindergarten. In fact, now, at the age of 55, I still bear the scars. 

I remember, too, the time I was at church, bouncing my leg like crazy. A certain individual, who shall remain unnamed (no, not my husband), said to me, “I don’t know how someone who bounces their legs all the time can be so fat.” Huh. Sadly, that was back in the day when I wasn’t even fat. I would give most anything to be back at that weight again. Another scar.

Last fall I had a sleep study done. The technician said he’d never seen an adult toss and turn so much during the night. He said that I sleep like a toddler - kicking, twisting, rolling, and tossing. At one point he was getting up to come into the room and untangle me from all the monitor cords, but just then I rolled over three times and untwisted myself. 

I struggle with sitting still long enough to watch a movie, so I don’t watch movies. Stationary jobs bore me to death - I need to be up and about, moving around, which is part of the reason waitressing suits me so well. Road trips can be hazardous. I want to be doing something, which is okay as long as I am not the driver. I used to read books while I was driving, but I’ve pretty much eliminated that habit. This whole not texting while driving is a continual challenge for me. I know, it’s scary, isn’t it? 

I think I’ve managed to tame my need to constantly be moving a bit, especially while in public. Perhaps that is why I’ve gained so much weight?


  1. I remember seeing you bounce your leg while I visited your shop when you had stamp demos. I am the opposite. I hardly move. And, yes, that is probably why I am fat too. It has gotten worse since I have aged as now arthritis plays into the game as well. So I move even less. Oh, dear! Wow is me!

  2. Hey Verna - Haha. Well, bouncing my leg has NOT kept me skinny, not in the least. Oh well. At least you don't drive everyone nuts with your sitting still like I do with my bouncing leg. Thanks for the comment!