Monday, September 3, 2018

Waitress Work

The work of a waitress can be life threatening. Or maybe I should say MY work as a waitress can be life threatening, because I’m not sure that others have the same issues I have. Just the other night at work I tried to kill myself three times. Seriously. It all started when we got busy - and boy, were we busy. I was running around like a chicken who’s just had her head cut off - that crazy, where should I go next? - kind of running around. I was putting a tray of bread into the convection oven and made the mistake of looking at the person I was talking to, which meant I wasn’t paying close attention to what I was doing, and thus burned the inside of my upper arm on the door of the oven. That hurt, a lot.

Next I was in the walk in cooler. Jessica was already in there, getting salad dressings, and I was getting a tray of salads. Jessica left before I did and (accidently, I hope) shut the door so that it latched. I was maneuvering the large and cumbersome tray of salads towards the door, holding it about neck height (that’s what ya gotta do to get out the door) and I pushed hard against the door with the tray. Since it was latched, the door didn’t go anywhere and instead I was clothes-lined right in the Adam’s apple with a tray full of salads. Oh my gosh. That hurt. A lot.

Last but not least, I was getting a dessert ready for a customer. A yummy molten lava cake, by the way. I was using one of those ice cream scoops that has the little lever and a gear on it, so that it makes a nice ball of ice cream when you push the lever to eject the ice cream. Well, the ice cream was a bit hard and I was using my second hand (as opposed to my third hand) to help push the lever and managed (I really don’t know how I did this) to catch the skin between the thumb and forefinger in the gears. In case you are wondering, that also hurt. A lot. 

I was just happy that my shift only lasted six hours because a few more hours might have done me in. 


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  1. I have a great regard for waitresses and I know it is a job I would not want to have. I am afraid I would have everyone's orders all mixed up and I am a clutz anyway so carrying a big tray of food probably would have been dropped by me and I would have been off the payroll ASAP. Thank you to you and all other waitresses out there. I applaud you. I did work as a cook however, but not in a restaurant setting.