Monday, October 1, 2018

A Mouse in the House

A couple of weeks ago Tim and I invited some friends over for supper. We don’t do this often. I don’t really know why not. I mean, inviting people to visit is a lot of fun. It’s also the very best way I know to get my house cleaned. Although, in all honesty, I am not as adamant about cleaning for company as I once was.  I mean, I’ve never really been too shook about it, but as I’ve aged, I’ve gotten more lax. Or lazy. Not sure. 

In the olden days when company came I always completed what I called, “Dash and Stash.” This was a simple, calorie burning technique by which I completed several 100 yard dashes with armloads of stuff and then stuffed the stuff into drawers, closets and bedrooms and even the garage. When I finished, I would have a house that looked like something relatively similar to what one might see in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or House Beautiful. Well, except for the dust. So then I would vacuum and dust and clean the kitchen and Voila! I’d have a beautiful house. There were only a couple of catches: First, do not, and I stress do not, open a closet door. That would be like shouting in the fragile snow covered mountains - and avalanche waiting to happen, Second, I could never find anything I needed afterwards. “Lovey, where’s the water bill?” Invariably it was buried deep in a box and tucked into a location that could be called my own personal Bermuda Triangle. In other words, never to be seen again. 

Fortunately those who send bills do so repeatedly. Another plus: I pay pretty much everything on-line these days, so losing bills in never-never land ceases to be much of a problem. 

I mentioned that I’ve never been one to get very shook about the house being totally perfect for company. I didn’t remodel or paint or redecorate for baptisms, first communion, birthdays, confirmation or graduation. I just dashed and stashed. I remember one time that the extended family got home prior to Tim and I and our newly baptized daughter. I thought I’d done an excellent job of preparing for company only to find that the family was busy cleaning and cutting dead leaves off plants. Huh. 

However, on this particular night a couple of weeks ago I had not done any cleaning whatsoever. No dash and stash. No vacuuming. No dusting. No cleaning the kitchen or the toilets or any such thing. (I told you I’ve become much more lax, and I wasn’t very uptight about it in the first place.) Since we are doing some remodeling and I am in the throes of craft show season, there is stuff everywhere in my house. Furniture is strewn about, abandoned wherever it was pushed for painting. Counters are piled high with craft show items and bills and supplies. The living room is filled with totes, ready to be taken to the craft show. Despite this, I invited friends over for a simple meal of chili and cornbread, with ice cream for dessert. We had a wonderful time, laughing and sharing stories. 

And then I heard a “snap!” 

I looked at Tim and said, “We just caught a mouse.” Tim, whose hearing is not as sharp as mine, indicated he didn’t believe me, so I repeated my words, along with, “By Grandpa’s desk.” He got up to look and sure enough, he said there was a mouse in the trap. Coming back to the table without the mouse and trap, I asked him if he was going to get rid of it. No, he was going to wait until it was dead. I thought that was reasonable.

Until I heard, “Squeak.” Oh no. Tim wouldn’t get the mouse and trap and toss the mouse out to the neighbor’s cat, who was on our deck and surely would have enjoyed a fresh mouse. After several more squeaks and much begging on my part,  I finally persuaded him to take the mouse out and let Charlie put him out of his misery. My heart was absolutely breaking for the poor little mouse! 

Fortunately our guests were not too shook by these proceedings. They deal with livestock and such and have probably had similar run-ins with mice. And although the whole thing was pretty funny, I seriously hope it doesn’t happen when I am entertaining people I don’t know quite as well. RIP Mr. Mouse.

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  1. Ah, yes! ‘Tis the season when mice want in. It usually keeps them in our basement bot occasionally we get one in the other regions of the house. So I can relate to this since we have an older house and even though we try to mouse proof it, some how they find a way to enter. Thanks for sharing, and my cleaning methods sound much like yours too.