Monday, October 22, 2018


Everybody deals with forgetfulness from time to time. For me, however, it seems to be that I forget more than I remember. I have had this issue forever - I remember the girls telling me one evening at the supper table that if I ever get Alzheimer’s they’ll never know.

I think it’s because I get distracted easily and have a difficult time focusing on things. Most things, that is. I am very good at focusing on a good book or on an arts project. I can concentrate on those activities to the point of being unable to converse or being unaware of what is happening around me.

Anyway, I do remember things, but often it’s trivial stuff that really doesn’t need remembering. The important things I tend to forget. Sometimes the trivial things win me prizes, like the time I remembered learning that the tallest trees in the world are not the California redwoods - and so was able to correctly answer the trivia question on the radio station. This funny memory does have its perks.

But the necessary day to day items I forget. Like the time I got home from work, back in the day when we only had land lines. The phone rang and I answered it. It was my hubby, Tim. “Hey,” he says. “How are you doing?”

Well, I’m fine, of course I’m fine. The conversation continued for quite some time, with Tim making inane comments about the weather, about who was out in the field working, about my drive home. He wanted to know if I had gotten all my tasks done for the day and if there was anything important that I hadn’t completed.

I thought this was the strangest conversation ever, and although I was attentive and nice and politely responded to his questions, I just could not figure out what his problem was, why he was calling to have such a silly conversation.

I told him the weather was quite nice and I hadn’t noticed anyone working out in the field, but perhaps someone had been and I just wasn’t paying attention. I told him that my drive home was uneventful. I told him about my day at the store and the things I’d accomplished and that i’d gotten the important stuff done and all was good. I told him what I was planning for supper. 

About five minutes into the conversation he asked me if perhaps there was anything I was supposed to pick up on my way home from town. I thought about that awhile and stated, “No, not that I was aware of.” 

Tim asked, “Nothing at all?”

“No. Nothing at ……. OH! I was supposed to pick you up and give you a ride home! Oh my gosh! I’ll be right there.”

By the way, the eucalyptus trees in Australia were considered the tallest trees in the world, although I think they are actually the tallest flowering plants, because technically, the redwoods do grow taller. At any rate, eucalyptus in Australia won me the prize. Of course, I have no clue what the prize was. Why would I want to remember that? I do remember that the radio announcer was a bit disgruntled. He got kind of mad when I gave him the correct answer and wanted to know how in the world I knew that…

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  1. That is so funny! Tim is quite a rascal too! Leading you on when he knew right well you had forgotten him.