Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Adult

From time to time at the restaurant where I work, Shady Beach Grill House, we have a comedian come in for entertainment. I never actually get to listen to him or her perform, because I am always busy working during the show. Generally he’s scheduled a little later in the evening and the customers are done dining and have moved into the “show” room and I’m busy bussing and resetting tables or in the kitchen helping the dishwasher with the seemingly endless piles of dirty dishes, or working on prepping for the next night.

At any rate, I don’t get to hear the comedian. 

This past week, however, as I was leaving work, the comedian was still going strong. I was exhausted and decided not to stay, but just as I opened the door to exit, I heard him say, “I can tell you how to adult.”

I suspect this was a lead in for a great line of jokes. However, I didn’t stick around to hear any of his funny suggestions on how to adult. Like I mentioned, I was tired. I just wanted to go home.

And besides, I already knew how to adult. Yes indeed. As soon as I heard him quip, “I can tell you how to adult,” I said, out loud, but to myself, “Don’t. Just don’t.”

Seriously. Adulting is way over rated. Whoever came up with the idea that once you hit a certain age you have to be an adult and act in an adult manner was, well, way to adult for my tastes. 

Oh, I get it. There are times when we do have to exercise a little bit of self-control and be serious and responsible, but good grief, the world is so over full of serious and responsible people that think they are way more important than they really are, don’t you think? 

Let’s have more fun! Let’s not worry so much about saving for the future, which may or may not ever come. Let’s tell more people how much we really care about them, let’s be a little more like Hallmark’s Maxine and spend a little more time enjoying life instead of being so anxious so much of the time. 

In reality, that doesn’t mean we can’t be responsible at the same time, it just means finding the right balance. It means putting things into perspective. The world is not going to come to an end if we don’t clean the house this week, but instead do a fun activity, or just put our feet up and read a good book. 

Hmmm… and if the world should come to an end because you skipped cleaning the house, well, at least you’ll go out doing something fun….

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  1. I spent so much of my earlier life working on the farm doing dairy things such as milking cows and feeding calves etc., doing household chores and cooking. Now that I am retired I am instead doing fun things for me which is making cards. I never had time for a hobby until retirement. So as long as I am content to do this I will continue. I still cook and clean but I am not over zealous about it as much. And, if there are paper scraps from making cards on the kitchen floor where I do my card making, so be it. I mainly clean when I know there is someone coming to visit and if they drop in unannounced then they will have to put up with the clutter. I hope to go out having fun! LOL