Monday, November 5, 2018

Difficult Husband

I don’t know why husbands are so difficult to deal with. I mean, they seem perfectly reasonable - until you get married.

And then WHAM! They suddenly become so unreasonable.

Take, for instance, mine. We’ve been married 36 years (mostly) lovely years. Yesterday we were out in the garage working on a project together. We do this periodically. Not too often, otherwise, we would not still be married, for we always squabble when we work on projects together. 

For some reason, during these projects, Tim forgets that I am always right. He somehow gets the silly notion that he is sometimes right and I am wrong. And hence, we then have disagreements. 

It would be so much simpler if he would just remember that I am always right. 

And then we were loading some shelving units that I’d purchased at Hobby Lobby onto the top of my little Poppy. Poppy is my California Poppy orange colored Chevy Sonic. She is a snazzy little car that gets me where I want to go and I just love her! She’s a four door, but she’s pretty tiny and I take her to craft shows loaded to capacity - including a Roof Bag strapped to the top, with those Hobby Lobby folding racks underneath the Roof Bag. It works quite well.

At any rate, we were loading the racks onto the top of Poppy and I wrapped some Bubble Wrap around the antenna to protect it from the racks. Dear, sweet Tim commented that I’d need to take that off, afterwards.



What was he thinking? That I didn’t know that I would want to take the Bubble Wrap off the antenna when I was finished hauling the racks around?

Sigh. Like I said, sometimes I just don’t understand husbands....

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