Monday, November 19, 2018

Wash Day Dance

This remodeling project is costing us more than we anticipated.

Oh, I know that is typical. It always costs more than one expects, right? There just seem to be hidden expenses that creep in and surprise people when they remodel, and why should it be any different for us? I knew that would be the case.

But the extra expense that is coming our way this week was not at all one that I'd projected. Not at all.

You see, we put in ceramic tile flooring in our home during this remodel. Took out the carpeting and linoleum and replaced it with tile. I must say, we've had it several months now and we are very, very happy with it. It is absolutely gorgeous, cleans up easily, doesn't show dirt (thank goodness for that), and, well, is just perfect in every way.

Along with the tile, I purchased some machine washable throw rugs for by the outside entrance doors to catch some of the grime that gets tracked into the house. I specifically chose machine washable, as I wanted to be able to wash them myself.

Yesterday we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my family - just a small gathering of six of us. It has been a busy, busy fall for me, what with craft shows and this never-ending remodel project, and so the house is currently in the "a cyclone just went through two hours ago" decorating theme. I knew my usual dash and stash cleaning method would not even begin to work, so I just resigned myself to the cyclone look for the gathering. However, I did decide to throw the rugs into the washing machine so at least they'd be clean.

For three of the rugs, it would be the very first time they'd be washed. They are brand new additions to our home and this would be their maiden voyage, so to speak. Unfortunately, two of them proved to be unusually thirsty buggers that soaked up an amazing amount of water. This, of course, overloaded the washer, and set it to dancing.

I was upstairs, about as far away from the laundry room as one can get and still be in the same building. I heard the drums beating and the machine dancing and I took off running. Over the hills and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go... Well, not quite that fun. I rounded the corner into the laundry room, where the washing machine had reached dizzying heights of spinning and was pounding loudly as it jumped around like a crazy lunatic. I gotta say, I was more than a bit afraid to get close enough to open the lid to stop the frenzy. Gingerly I reached forward and popped the lid open and, thankfully, it stopped. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and took the offending water-logged pink rugs out and put them in the utility sink to wait until later to spin out on their own.

I rearranged the rest of the rugs and closed the lid and it finished it's spin cycle peacefully. All was well.

Until later when I went to run another load of laundry and discovered that the machine will no longer fill with water. Uh oh. My dear hubby dismantled the thing but couldn't solve the problem, and therein lies the hidden, totally unexpected additional expense due to the remodeling project: a service call and repair from our local appliance store.

Now who would have thunk that putting in tile flooring would have wielded a washing machine repair bill??

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  1. That is the way it goes much of the time. Unexpected expenses can make a project a lot more spendy. And, I relate to the dancing washing machine but it usually happens when I wash a jacket of hubby's that soaks up all the water. At any rate I wish you and Tim a Happy Thanksgiving and I think we still have lots to be thankful for even if we do get a few more bills.