Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas day I was sick.

I woke in the morning feeling a little funny in the tummy. Not too off, though. We FaceTimed my daughter and her husband in Florida and the three of us here in South Dakota sat down with the two of them in Florida and opened gifts together. We had a fun time.

Afterwards we started to gather our things together to leave for Sioux Falls to spend the day with my brother and his family. We'd be picking my mother up on the way.

I was feeling a little punkier all the time and finally decided not to go. Tim, of course, didn't think that was a good idea. He suggested I could sit in the back seat of the car and sleep on the way to my brother's home, which is a two hour drive. I declined. I knew this was not that kind of not feeling well.

I'm glad I chose to stay home.

I slept all day. In bed, getting up only to use the toilet. Three times. That's it. No food. A occasional sip of water. I knew I should be drinking more - knew that I would be dehydrated, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Every muscle, every joint in my body screamed in pain.

I ignored all noises from my phone until about 5:00 pm when it rang incessantly. It was Tim. They'd hit a deer about 45 minutes from home, on the way home. Everyone was fine. Good. I went back to sleep.

He called again. Gave me the details. Nice. Of course, being sick as a dog, I was happy they were all okay, and that's all I cared about. I could tell that Tim was very shook up. He said that our daughter Katrina was taking care of the details, so I knew all would be fine. He didn't need me. I wanted to go back to sleep.

The next morning at 8:30 I get a phone call from my loving husband. "How are you feeling?" he wants to know.

"Ok," I respond. Better, but not exactly okay, is the real answer. He continues, "I know you're sick, but I will feel better when you've called the insurance company and done a follow up with them and the sheriff's office and the body shop. Then I will know that everything is being handled. You'll have to get another car for us to use, too and find out if ours is actually totaled and if it is start the process of getting another car."

Seriously? Can't I just die in peace?

Apparently not.

After an hour or so, I do manage to get out of bed, shower and dress. I do manage to make a few phone calls and get another car lined up for us to use. And yes, our dear little Poppy is totaled and so I start the process of finding another one, which, fortunately, the salesman was able to locate. Poppy, Jr. She'll be here in about a week.

I'm just so thankful that my husband is so considerate when I am sick. (Please note the sarcasm.) I used to think I wanted to die before him, so that I wouldn't have to clean out his storage sheds. Now I'm not so sure. Number one, he no longer has the sheds and number two, I don't think I want to die still having to take care of all the details of our life together.

I think I'll let him die first. That was when my time comes, I might be able to die in peace.

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  1. Oh, dear! So sorry you had such a rough Christmas. I sure hope you are doing better now.