Thursday, January 24, 2019

Birthday Bash

We had some fun birthday parties when the girls were growing up. I remember the year that Alexandra turned nine - we celebrated with a tea party on our deck. Alex’s birthday is towards the end of May, so the weather was perfect for an outdoor birthday bash.

We invited 13 little girls over to play - which is a crazy number of little girls to have at one’s house all at the same time. Especially when they are friends of Alexandra. These were a bunch of rough and tumble little girls. They were not what one would think of as your typical tea party types. 

The girls rode the school bus home with our daughters and had a great time digging through the toy box filled with dress up clothes and decorating oversized straw hats with pretty fake flowers to wear to the party, which was held outside on a warm sunny afternoon. 

They drank cups of “tea,” ate finger sandwiches and baby carrots dipped in bleu cheese dressing by the bucketful. They had no idea that they were eating moldy cheese, and demanded more of that delicious dip. I sent Tim into town to buy more bags of carrots and jars of bleu cheese dressing for them to devour. If I recall correctly, we went through six jars of Lighthouse Bleu Cheese Dressing. Rather expensive dip, I know, but the fact that they were all eating moldy cheese made it worthwhile. 

Afterwards we had a dandelion picking contest, since I had nearly three million of the sunny yellow flower growing in my yard. I lined the girls up, counted to three and off they went, running toward the large patch of bliss to pick as many as they could while I counted to twenty. In the end they each tallied their totals and the winner had the satisfaction of knowing they were the champion. Then we did it again. And again. There is no wearing out 13 eight and nine year olds.

They ate cake and ice cream, Alexandra opened her gifts, and we sang “Happy Birthday.”

The girls continued to run and play all afternoon until I was worn out and decided it was time to take them home. Of course the kids didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t take any more.

I opened the three passenger doors of The Tracer as well as the hatch, and the 13 girls all started piling in. It was a rather snug fit, but when all was said and done, there was still room for me to sit properly in my seat and drive. We sang songs as we drove around dropping each of the girls off at their respective homes. I kept thinking that The Tracer made a mighty fine clown car, holding 14 people and thinking we probably could have squeezed a few more in. I was lucky with the first few girls - I was able to drop them off without any family members seeing us - and by the time we got to the worry-wart, proper families, the ones with the moms who would never, ever let their child ride around in a compact car stuffed with 13 other people, we were down to a reasonable amount of children and each one could be properly belted in. 

And now enough time has lapsed that I can safely tell this story without being lynched. 

Alexandra will turn 30 this coming May. I wonder what sort of tea party we can do this year?

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  1. Sounds like you found some fun ways to entertain the girls. I bet they will never forget that party either!