Thursday, January 31, 2019

Government Shutdown

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to politics and what’s happening in our government, but I can tell you that I am pretty sure this whole shutdown thing wouldn’t have happened if we had a majority of females in charge instead of males.

I say this because of my experience in dealing with the “stronger” of the two sexes. 

Just a couple of weeks ago my dear, sweet husband came home from one of his all male meetings and informed me that they, the men, had set a date and made arrangements for a social event. They, he informed me, had everything planned. I could tell he was pretty pleased with himself and the all-male group for having accomplished this with no female assistance. Which is why he was telling me about it. 

I made a mental note to request the night off from work, as it would be a husband and wife event and I knew he would want me to attend alongside him.

This was on a Tuesday evening.

The following Monday night, a full week later, Tim asked me if I had, by chance, told my employers that we would be needing to reserve the banquet room for this social event. Needless to say, I looked at Tim rather askew and remarked, “I thought you had this all planned out and taken care of?”

He, being a typical guy, gave me a quizzical glance and replied, “We did.”

“But you didn’t call Shady and actually book the event?”

“No, I thought you would take care of that.”

“Hmmmm,” I said. “And you didn’t think it was necessary to mention to me that I was responsible for taking care of that minor detail?”

I will admit he did look a bit sheepish then.

I went on to suggest that perhaps he might like to call Shady right then and there and make his request, which he did. 

Fortunately, this all played out well enough in advance that we will not be having a social event shutdown the night of the social event. Everything will go smoothly and all in attendance will have a wonderful time and no one will be the wiser about how incredibly close we came to a major disaster. 

The men will all think they did a fabulous job of planning this amazing gathering and they’ll be all puffed up with pride. 

I will know, on the other hand, how close they came to not having an event at all. Just because of a minor detail that the “stronger” sex didn’t think was all that important and didn’t actually need to be planned or confirmed with the venue. 

In contrast I think about my lady friends and how when we get together, also on a Tuesday night, and make plans for a gathering. We work together to set a time and place and then, get this, we call the venue to see if that will work into their schedule. After we’ve verified with them, we go ahead with our plans. We don’t just assume that the venue is going to be able to accommodate us, and we don’t assume that someone else will take on the responsibility of making that phone call - especially if we don’t tell them they are going to need to do that. 

It’s an amazing concept, this one that the ladies and I have, about actually planning an event. 

So, although I don’t know exactly what’s going on with our senators and representatives, I can about imagine that it might be something along the lines of the scenario I just played out - basically, someone had the ball, but dropped it and now no one wants to pick it up. And since it’s a male dominated organization, well…

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  1. Well all will know of the almost social shutdown after reading this. LOL I just want to say I enjoy your blog so much too. I always get a few laughs or smiles.