Friday, January 18, 2019

The Correct Post!

Apparently I had a little brain fart and published the same post two weeks in a row. Oops. Haha. Well, sometimes that's just the way my life goes!

As it turns out, THIS is the post that was supposed to be published under "Making Plans."

Sorry about the mixup!

And thanks to my daughter, Katrina, for pointing it out to me.

“It’s the hap-happiest season of all.”

As that wonderful Christmas song goes, it is a happy season for me: It’s planner season!

I absolutely love the time of year when I get to start using a new planner. The pages are fresh and clean, filled with possibility. They call to me of unfulfilled dreams, of ideas and plans in the works, of things yet to be done. 

Planners are tangible forms of dreams. 

Oh, how I do love planners.

Each year I get a new one. I choose it with great care and love, picking out one that I am sure to love for the entire year. Sometimes it’s a real struggle. There are so many options out there and I have a hard time narrowing it down to just one. Other years there will be one that just leaps out to me, crying out, “This is it! I’m the one! There is no other!”

And then I buy it and wait ever so impatiently for January to roll around so that I can use it. 

The first couple of weeks are so much fun. I carefully use my planner each day, writing in my appointments and upcoming events. I scribble in little notes about fun things I want to remember. And I check it to see what I have coming up that I need to be keeping track of. And then, after a week or two, I look at it a bit less often and feel guilty that I have this wonderful planner and I’m not using it (already) and then pretty soon I’ve misplaced it and, oh well, I guess that’s that for now.

About the end of February it will surface again. I’ll start to use it afresh, because, after all, I did spend good money on it and I really should be using it. And it’s a cool planner, right? So I should use it. 

I’ll do so, haphazardly, for a few weeks. It will flit in and out of sight. Some days I’ll be able to find it, others I won’t. It might even go missing for several days at a time. Eventually it will vanish completely and I won’t even remember I have it. This is a sad time for me. 

Come July I’ll start seeing planners for the next year in stores and this will remind me that I have one, somewhere, and so I will start keeping my eyes peeled, in hopes of finding it, maybe even before my August vacation. That way I could take it with me and use it as a sort of journal to detail the highlights of the vacation. Awesome idea, right?

I do eventually find it and I do take it on vacation with me. I don’t, however, detail the vacation highlights or anything else about the vacation in the planner. I’m too busy vacationing to do that. However, while on vacation I am in a book store and lo, what to my wondering eyes should appear…but planners! And this time I find one of those that scream out, “This is it! I’m the one! There is no other!” 

Of course my heart starts beating rapidly, because I’ve just found the perfect planner for 2019. I pick it up and add it to my stack of books. All the while I am thinking, “Ah, Terri. Remember how you never actually consistently use a planner?” So instead of making an impulsive decision and purchasing it on the spot, I wander around the store collecting more books to buy and then I buy my books…and planner. Besides, this time it will be different, right?

In December I personalized my new planner. I added Washi tape to the edges of some of the pages, and tabs to others. I created some pocket pages for receipts. I added in important dates. I got that wonderful little planner all ready for the new year. 

And then when I was in the cities on Monday I found another planner, this one more of a journal/planner combo! Oh my, I had to have that, too. So now, for 2019, I not only have one planner to keep tabs of, but two.

I can already see the guilt trip that is lying in wait for me.

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